Indoor Plants Orange County

Indoor Plants Orange County

Growing indoor plants can enhance a room's appearance. However, the benefits of indoor plants go beyond enhancing the look of your home. Indoor plants help reduce stress, boost mood, eliminate air pollutants, and increase creativity. If you are looking for the best indoor plants for houses in Orange County, this article focuses on seven low-maintenance plants ideal for home and even office environments. Here are indoor plants you should consider planting.

Dracaena Reflaxa

This beautiful plant has pointed short green leaves with yellow stripes on its center. When grown indoors, dracaena tends to grow slowly. However, it is a low-maintenance plant that can adapt to different light environments, indoor temperatures, and seasonal changes. Dracaena makes the best plants for establishments. It is also a small tree making it perfect as a table plant.


Also referred to as "Elephant ears" because of their gigantic leaves, Calidora is a heat lover. This plant requires indirect, bright light, moist, well-drained soil, and high humidity.

Ficus Benjamina

Commonly known as "Weeping fig," this plant grows well in a bright room with indirect sunlight, moist soil, and regular application of fertilizer. When it is relocated, the plant reacts by dropping its leaves and replacing them with new ones adapted to the new light intensity. Ficus Benjamina is a sensitive plant that reacts to environmental changes, including transplanting, temperature, and humidity.

Philodendron Lickety Split

This is an excellent indoor plant because it can thrive anywhere, making it ideal for any home or office as long as it's not exposed to direct sunlight. It is a low maintenance plant because it only requires watering when its pot is almost completely dry. Excessive water or soggy soil can destroy the plant.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Wallisii)

This is a low maintenance plant with dark green leaves producing cellar-like blooms in spring. This plant tells you it's thirsty when you see its leaves droop. It grows well indoors in a dimly lit room with regular watering.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

This beautiful plant's popularity keeps growing, making it a common feature in many homes' interior décor. It requires moist soil during summer and slightly dry conditions during winter.

Burgundy Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

This tough plant has thick glossy leaves with colors that range from burgundy red to black. It requires low light and relatively dry soil to grow well.

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Indoor Plants Orange County

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