Pvc Roofing Dallas Tx

Pvc Roofing Dallas Tx

PVC is a familiar material used in buckets, pipes and other items around the house. A new trend is to use it for roofing as its more efficient in the long run. Of course, you should have your PVC roofing installed by professionals if you want it to last.

How long does a PVC roof last?

Just like any other roofing material, PVC roofing in Dallas tx there will be variance in longevity based on how well it's maintained. Generally speaking, a PVC roof should last at least 20 years and may even extend into the 50-year range.

The proper installation of your flat roof is also an important factor. A proper drainage system should be implemented to prevent slop ponding and inevitable damage.

Is PVC better than TPO?

The main reason to go for TPO is it is more resistant against weathering and slightly higher breaking strength. You would lose out at its higher cost and PVC is a more flexible material, which has its advantages in certain applications

PVC also has chemical resistance that TPO cannot even compare. That should be a consideration when using it in certain environments.

What is PVC?

PVC is properly Polyvinyl chloride and is what you find inside PVC roofing in Dallas TX. It is a fabricated plastic polymer that comes in rigid or flexible forms. Due to it being affordably inflexible, it is mass produced to accommodate a wide variety of industries.

PVC itself is resistant to many chemicals, including alcohol or salt. This makes it useful to put into harm's way of sewage, certain dangerous chemicals or polluted environments.

As it is a low maintenance material, it is becoming mainstream in construction projects, including roofing. When mixed with the right finish, it can appear like painted wood or other materials at a fraction of its cost.

Is PVC environmentally friendly?

Why any type of plastic or lab-created material gets a bad rap, it is actually environmentally friendly and efficient. In addition, it is more efficient at a heating or cooling a house, saving on electricity usage and your carbon footprint.

Is PVC resistant to fire?

PVC roofs are quite difficult to ignite and rate better than most other materials. There is no combustion and a constant source of fire is needed to destroy the material. Most roofing products will have passed testing and will be rated to withstand fire.

What are Hot Air Welded Seams?

The usage of Hot Air Welded Seams is common with PVC roofing and adds to its durability. The bond is water-tight and is welded using hot air and does not rely on adhesives or caulking. IF you want a seamless installation, there is no better alternative.

With it is for your deck or inside your home, PVC has raised the bar for a roofing material that lasts a long time. Not only is it a greener material, but it is also quite resistant against the elements.If you are interested in using PVC for your new roof, give us a call.

Pvc Roofing Dallas Tx
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