Spot Cooling

If you're looking for an affordable way to keep cool this summer, spot cooling is the best way to go. With outdoor misting systems from Cool-Off, you can create additional living space without having to deal with UV exposure or boiling temperatures. You don't have to avoid going outdoors when the temperatures rise; install an affordable misting station in your patio, around your pool deck, at the back entrance of your home, or at any area in your backyard where cool, refreshing mist would be welcomed.

5 Key Advantages Of Spot Cooling

1. All of the misting systems for sale online at Cool-Off can be self-installed in an hour or two; expensive tools and assistance from a handyman are not needed. We're of the belief that the best water cooling systems consist of a simple set-up and quality materials designed to last for many years. See our selection of portable misters, mid-pressure misting systems, and commercial set-ups, all available from Cool-Off.

2. Spot cooling stations are not only easy to set up but they're very affordable, as well. It doesn't cost a lot of money to purchase one of our backyard misters to maintain a lower ambiant temperature in your outdoor spaces. Take our mid-pressure patio mister, for example, a quality kit that comes complete with all all water misting accessories and parts, for less than $400. For a slightly higher cost, upgrade to our outdoor water misting equipment with stainless steel tubing.

3. By combining misters and shade, you can create a cool and comfortable haven from the sun and heat. Check out brand-name umbrellas on our site, shade sails, cabanas, and many other products that will keep the sun out of your patio space. With the right misting fan, your shaded oasis will refresh your family and guests no matter how high the sun climbs in the sky.

4. Spot cooling is ideal for homes in restricted zones where construction is regulated. If you've always wanted to add on but found that it was not practical, turning an outdoor space into a summertime room is easy and costs less than you may think when you partner with Cool-Off. Purchase one of our oversized shade umbrellas and install a misting system in your shaded area. Our misters are terrific for cooling off outdoor kitchens, too!

5. Installing mist around your garden is a great way to beat the heat when planting vegetables or flowers and, as a bonus, some of the mist will find its way into the soil and keep plants hydrated. If you love to garden but find that the summer months drive you back into the house, a spot cooling system from Cool-Off can make a big difference in your comfort level.

We sell the best misting systems at some of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. Shop our products online, speak with our staff, and order with confidence that your mister will exceed yoru expectations in terms of value and overall performance. Why shop anyplace else than Cool-Off when we can help you achieve a cool, comfortable atmosphere in any outdoor space?

Spot Cooling

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