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Trees are fantastic! Trees do more than just look great, they also work to clean the air, store carbon, screen our homes from the sun, increase real estate value, and do a range of other things. When it comes to your home or office, trees can be both advantageous and harmful. A tree can jeopardize your life and home in some instances, such as during a storm, or they can add to the aesthetics and value of your home. That is why we, at Bay Area Tree Co, offer a broad array of tree services in El Cerrito Ca and other surrounding Bay Area cities. Our arborists are experts in tree removal, tree cutting/trimming, tree stump removal, tree cabling, and just about everything else connected to having a safer and more aesthetically pleasing property. Our certified arborists adhere to stringent guidelines, take all essential measures, and utilize the proper equipment to accomplish all of our offered tree services.

About Bay Area Tree Co

Our Professional arborists at Bay Area Tree Co are passionate and dedicated to providing quality tree services. Our team conducts in-depth inspections to identify any root cause of illness or damage so that we can revitalize a tree or make the decision to remove it. We understand that trees cannot always be protected and must be removed for safety or aesthetic reasons, depending on the owners wants, plans and desires. Our Bay Area Tree Co team is dedicated to effectively managing your residential or commercial property by providing custom and quality tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, and even Emergency Tree Services in your El Cerrito community. 

To safely complete your desired tree services, our crew will utilize cutting-edge machinery and follow best practice procedures – our crew will even dispose undesirable tree waste at your home or business. Our expert tree service company is family-owned and run. This enables our El Cerrito team to deliver comprehensive tree services at a cheaper cost.

Our tree pruning and trimming services are completed by professionally certified arborists. We understand the need of appropriate tree management, as well as when it is necessary to remove an undesired tree or stump.

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Professional Tree Service Company in El Cerrito, CA


If you are looking for professional, reliable and affordable tree services in El Cerrito CA then you are at the right place. Our services include:

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

For tree trimming services, we offer the most qualified & knowledgeable arborists. Our professional tree trimming services will help to maintain the structural integrity, form, health, and beauty of your trees.
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Stump Removal

Stump Removal

In El Cerrito CA, our professional tree service staff will securely grind out any stump in your yard with no damage to your property. For the safe removal of stumps from your property, we use a variety of ways.
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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We provide highly experienced and safe tree removal services at Bay Area Tree Co. Our tree arborists will remove the trees without harming your property or the people in the surrounding area.
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Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Service

Whether a tree has fallen and you require immediate assistance or you need to remove trees for a project, our experts deliver dependable and efficient emergency tree services.
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Tree Service in El Cerrito, CA

How Our Tree Service Works

Contact Us

If you're just thinking about having a tree removed or you've already made the decision, give us a call and our dispatch team will get you in touch with a certified arborist.

Inspection of your property

Shortly after contacting our staff at Bay Area Tree Co, you'll receive a date and time for inspection - unless our technicians are able to adequately assess the project via pictures. A Free Quote will be provided!

On-time service

Once a date and time are established for your projects tree services, our team will arrive and complete the project at the earliest convenience.

Best results

Customer Satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities. You can expect your project to be completed safely and completely by our licensed team of tree service professionals.

Why Choose US?

Choose us for all your tree services in El Cerrito CA and we will provide you with:

Our employees are highly skilled and experienced, with some having worked for the company since its inception. They consistently do a good job in a professional and timely manner. In El Cerrito CA, we are small enough to provide excellent customer service and large enough to manage larger, more complex projects.

Our top priority is your safety, so we take all required precautions when conducting our services. In addition, we have comprehensive insurance to safeguard both you and our personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The removal of all types of properties, especially street trees, requires a permit. You can easily get a tree removal permit.

It’s not necessary if everything has been decided with our team. You can trust our team with your property.

Yes, our professional arborists make sure that no damage is caused to nearby people or properties while removing the trees.

The tree would be cut down to a low stump in a conventional removal. We have the best equipment to carry out tree services safely.

Yes, you can rest assured that your property will be completely safe. Our tree removal services in El Cerrito CA are safe and reliable. We make sure your property is not affected at all.

About El Cerrito, CA

El Cerrito was founded by earthquake survivors from San Francisco in 1906. They settled at what was then Don Victor Castro’s Rancho San Pablo, which was close to the Rancho San Antonio, which was owned by the Peralta family. In 1909, the colony got a post office, and the refugee camp was dubbed Rust after its first postmaster, Wilhelm F. Rust. In 1916, the residents of the colony changed the name to El Cerrito, which means “little hill” or “knoll,” in allusion to the many separate hills in the area. El Cerrito was constituted as a village with 1,500 residents a year later.