Stump Removal Service

#1 Stump Removal Service in SF Bay Area

When a tree is removed, it's stump is left behind. A stump can be a hindrance to the look of your property and can be dangerous and hard to work around as well. Therefore, at "Bay Area Tree Co" we also provide stump removal services to make sure that the ground is clear and the stump is safely removed. There are a lot of benefits of stump removal therefore we make sure to perform this task professionally and efficiently.

What Can Be Expected From Our Stump Removal Service?

When you book a quote with us our team will first visit your property, Take a tour of the project area, and understand your problems. They will estimate how long this process will take and how much it will cost you. Once all these things are decided, then our tree service experts will come to your home or business on the scheduled day. They will bring the stump grinding machine and all the equipment required for the removal of the stump. They will make sure to safely grind the stump, without damaging your property or other plants and trees. Once the whole stump is ground, the pile of wood pieces will be hauled away.

What Equipment do we Use For Stump Removal?

We use stump grinding machines for removing the stumps. These machines can easily grind the stump, from the ground. The machine has a grinding wheel that has teeth. These sharp teeth of the machine slowly grind the stump to the depth of approximately 20 inches.

After all the stump is ground, the shaved wood pieces are piled and hauled away. There are extra charges for hauling away the ground wood because sometimes there are huge piles of grindings. If you want us to grind the surface roots, we will do that. Removing the roots means the complete abolition of the tree.

Why Should You Get The Stump Removed?

There are a lot of reasons for removing the piece of wood lying on your property in the form of a stump. A lot of people even try to do it themselves, but they know that it is a very difficult task. Stumps have large underground roots which make a stump very difficult to remove. Therefore, for this service, you need a professional tree or stump remover. Here are the main reasons you should get the stump removed;

  • Stumps can also grow and develop shoots. It will not only make the landscape look unattractive but also take the essential nutrients from other plants and trees.
  • If you are keeping a stump, it means there are a lot of chances that termites, ants, and other insects get attracted to it. It will make your other plants and trees susceptible to insects.
  • Stumps can make your property look unattractive. It will not look good and there is no better use of it.
  • Having a stump also means having a trip or fall hazard around the property, which makes stumps very dangerous to be kept.

Therefore, “Bay Area Tree Co” is offering this stump removal service to prevent all these hazards and keep your property looking attractive.

What to do With The Ground Stump?

When the stump is ground, you will have a huge pile of wood pieces available. Now it depends on you what you want to do with this wood. You can keep this wood, and utilize it for a lot of good purposes, such as filler or weed blockers for gardens and other outdoor spaces. But if you don’t want to keep it and can’t think of good use for it, then you can simply ask our stump removal experts to discard it. Our team will remove all the stump and grounds for your place, making your property look completely clean.