Bay Area Tree Removal Service

#1 Tree Removal Service in SF Bay Area

Trees are very important for our environment, making them healthy helps in making your property look better, provides shade, and is a great element for any yard or property. However, in some cases, it becomes important to remove one or more trees. We try hard to save the trees but sometimes we have to remove them for a number of purposes. For example, if the tree got extremely weak and can fall anytime, then it's better to remove it rather than bearing any danger for a home, family or customers at a residential or business location. At "Bay Area Tree Co" we provide the best tree removal services. Our professional tree experts will safely remove the trees and make your place look better than ever. 

What can be expected from our tree removal service?

When you want to get a tree removed from your property, just give us a call. Our team of experts will arrive at your home or business, and check the condition of the tree. If there is any chance it can be saved we will do so, but if it can’t be saved then we will simply remove it. Our service experts will cut the tree while making sure no person or property gets damaged. They make sure to remove the tree without affecting other plants or trees.

We have a highly skilled team of arborists, and advanced technologies, which makes us provide expert and efficient tree removal services. You can completely rely on us for safe and efficient tree removal services. We provide a complete tree removal package which includes taking down a tree, clipping all the bushes, and cutting the stump as much as possible.

Why Should You Get a Tree Removed?

There are many situations where you will need to get a tree removed such as;

When the tree has some structural defect and has the chance to fall anytime, damaging the building, roadway, or the driveway. In this case, it is very important to get the tree removed for safety.

If the tree is badly diseased which is spreading. This diseased tree can also affect other plants and trees on your property.

If a bad weather condition has caused the tree to fall, or is on the verge of falling, in this case, we will come to complete emergency service and remove the tree immediately.

There can be a lot of other reasons for removing a tree such as you want to utilize the wood, or you want to replace it. Whatever your reason, we will make sure to safely remove the tree according to your requirements and desires.

When to get our emergency tree removal service?

At “Bay Area Tree Co” we are also providing emergency tree removal service. Emergency tree removal service means the tree will be removed from your property within the quickest timeframe possible. You will need emergency service, if a tree suddenly fell on your property, because of bad weather, disease, or any other reason. In this case, we make sure to send a team of experts to your residence who will make sure to remove the tree from your property as quick as possible. Remember – Heavy rains accompanied by high winds can cause many trees to fall, if there is a safety concern, please call right away.

Therefore, it’s better to regularly check on the trees within your property during and after such weather conditions, to make sure they are safe and have no problem. And if there is any problem then our highly skilled and experienced arborists will make sure to remove the tree safely. The cost of our tree removal service varies and depends on a number of factors such as the type of tree, your location, and how much time it will take to remove the tree. But don’t worry, we care about your budget and make sure to provide premium tree removal services at affordable rates.